Affordable Tools To Attract & Retain Profitable Clients

Successful marketing of professional services, like legal, accounting, financial planning or business consulting, isn’t rocket science or black magic. It is doing the right actions with the proper tools that fit your situation, in a disciplined and sustained manner. The result is making contact with and keeping good clients.

If your firm’s growth has become stagnant, or you’d like to add new market segments, the obstacle could be:

  • your presentation pieces like a website or brochure aren’t current or complete;
  • you aren’t sure how to build your reputation;
  • you have limited knowledge on locating and developing new leads;
  • you are concerned about client loyalty and turnover;
  • you lack confidence in meetings and presentations;
  • or you’re uncertain about improving your proposals.

Most obstacles to success are internal, not competitive, and can be managed.

project managementProject Management

While you are busy serving clients, you need to make sure your marketing improvement is on track. Initiatives from developing a logo to putting a Contact Management System in place will require your approval at specific stages, however we will make sure the result is what was agreed upon initially, and what’s needed for your firm to stand out.


Over 85% of significant purchases follow repeated website visits. Each stage in your potential client’s journey from 1st contact to final acceptance will have distinct questions they want answered, and your website will be one of their key stops along the way. Gap Management will make sure you engage potential clients appropriately and repeatedly with a well-crafted website. From Google to smart graphics: you need a quality presentation that’s affordable


Face-to-face contact is essential. Some think it’s about “selling” – that’s not true. Making sure you find and attend worthwhile groups is an essential first step. Then, over months and years, you will develop relationships that payoff. Building your practice is about trust: networking is one of your assets that can be managed with a few key tips to follow.

“…Francis Waller has provided real guidance and useful instructions…This has opened my eyes to doing Dental Practice Marketing.”
Dr. Wenyan Qiu

Flexibility For The Solo Professional

By carefully assessing your situation and the marketplace, we work with you to find the proper mix of tools you need, and skill to learn.

Gap Management rates are set so the very small firm will get significant benefit, one step at a time.

We’ve carefully researched over 15 marketing disciplines, then stripped them down to the basics. Then we prescribe only what is of the highest priority. This is the foundation that’s meant to expand as your needs and abilities grow.

Your best marketing coaches are your current clients

They have experience with your firm, and despite competitive pressures have stayed with you.

Why? Ask them, as you let them know they are valued clients. Let them know their ideas and identity are confidential. If you truly do have a strong relationship, they will give you reasons. Listen carefully and record their comments, even the inaccurate ones. You will be surprised the guidance they will provide; and they will be proud their ideas are valued.

Elements of Good Business Storytelling

Just as a good picture can quickly communicate long text, so to can a good anecdote or story illustrate a business concept.

Choose a real client’s situation, and don’t be afraid of describing their pain, stress or anxiety they felt. That expresses the degree of motivation and we understand emotional discomfort. Next, describe the client’s experience with you, and the resulting satisfaction. You haven’t gotten specific on the services delivered or the client’s identity. However, you have used the millennia-old art of storytelling. People connect with stories; used well, they contain memorable ideas.

Practice with a few and you will find some stories are so simple and well remembered that they are passed on. That’s the beginning of referral development and a strong reputation. That’s truly social media, without the technology.

Marketing Research Checklist

This list is in no particular order, and remember: no research tool is perfect. Use a few sources of information and then, based on the overall picture, extrapolate the trend. You aren’t building a bridge or doing tax accounting so don’t worry about fine-grained accuracy.

  • Professional Association
  • Statistics Canada
  • Provincial Small Business Development
  • Librarian with research skills (some are highly experienced with deep resources)
  • Last 2 years of seasonal business activity
  • A mentor
  • Competitive websites that have insight (not the average but the exception)
  • Client interviews (ask for blunt answers & promise absolute confidentialty)
  • 3rd party research reports
  • Blogs of business or other experts dealing with your practice area
  • Professional journals and magazines